Growing Together

The Church is more than just a worship celebration on a Sunday morning and the occasional event.  The Church is a group of people growing in their faith and understanding of God and living it out together in the everyday stuff of life.  Hope offers a variety of ways to grow together that we believe fits most people's lifestyles, calendars and comfort levels.

Growing Our Faith

  • Missional Communities

    These extended family size groups (20-50 people) are made of people of all ages and they focus on connecting new faces, building relationships and living out their growing faith together through fun and serving in the community.

  • Small Groups

    Small groups are a great place to ask questions and to discuss what it means to know and live for Christ in our everyday lives.  They focus on growing in our relationships with each other and with God through Bible study, prayer and fun times together.  They are a terrific place to be known and to find encouragement for the journey together.

  • Bible Studies and Sunday School

    Both of these types of opportunities to grow are focused mainly on the in depth study of God's Word and its practical application to our lives.  Bible studies take place at different times during the week.