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To Be and Bring Hope by Feeding People

Every Sunday evening at 6:00pm we gather in the gym of the East Toledo Family Center for a spaghetti dinner, music, message, and discussion. This gathering is open to anyone who wishes to be fed. A typical gathering looks like this:

  • Arrive and prepare for dinner
  • Welcome and a reading from The Bible
  • Dinner
  • Offering and a hymn/song
  • A short sermon
  • Discussion around the table
  • Clean up. 

We are able to offer this community meal and gathering by the generosity of our members and guests. You are welcome to come no matter what you can or can not contribute, but if you are able, we ask you to consider helping continue this meeting time through a suggested donation of $3 per person. If that is out of reach, you could also consider a box of spaghetti or a jar of spaghetti sauce.